You will already likely be flat-out organising your special day, so we’ve got 6 brief pointers for sorting your wedding video!

1. Video the good stuff

Make sure you ask your videographer to capture important moments - not just the ceremony, but also the speeches! These are going to be watched more than anything we find.

2. Make a plan

Your videographer likes a plan. Provide as much detail as possible. From the time people start arriving at the ceremony, to when speeches are likely to start. Generally videographers will give you a info sheet to fill out.

3. Testing 1... 2... 3...

Make sure your videographer has a good system to capture audio. Large halls or windy beaches can distort how the sound is captured. Ask for a ‘lapel’ Mic on the groom to ensure your vows are caught crystal clear!

4. Make way!

Ensure you have designated room for your videographer. I.e. at the ceremony, give some room in the aisle (i.e. a seat) or at the back so he/she can effectively get good, clear footage. Keep them center so they can focus on BOTH of you during the ceremony.

5. Introduce your photographer

Videographers & Photographers generally like to communicate during the day, to liaise with what is happening in regards to group photos, and perhaps working together to get some useful shots, both still and moving!

6. Check what you're getting!

When the days over, you want a decent amount of footage to send off to family & friends abroad. Make sure your videographer ideally gives you a ‘full’ day video and a ‘highlights’ video.