Can you just film?

Yes, we can just do video and give you the raw files. You just need a capable computer to handle the files. We film generally to MPEG4 and MP4 files.

Where do you cover?

We work in Auckland, Upper Waikato and now recently Nelson. Basically anywhere up to the North Shore and down as far as Nelson.

How many cameras do you have?

We have a stock of 3 cameras (1x Professional HDV Camera and 2x Canon SLR's)

We also have a company we can rent additional cameras from if required. Our arsenal also includes a Drone (which costs additional to use).

How do I use the video once produced?

We generally provide the footage as a digital download and DVD copy. You can use the video on essentially any platform from TV's to in-store point of sale displays and online through your website, Facebook and YouTube!