Sample Video

Testimonial Video

A great way to add credibility and trust in your business. Video testimonial for RAZOR Web Design where one of their many satisfied clients gave a video testimonial.

2019 1:45

RAZOR Web Design Promo Video

Produced to help create a short, informative and engaging video about what RAZOR Web Design offers its clients. Filmed in one day with relevant equipment and post-production incorporated footage and animated graphics.

2019 2:58

Reid Chauffeurs Stinger

A breif introduction to the luxury airport transfer services available Reid Chauffeurs featuring the V12 Mercedes-Benz S600. Filmed in one day on location at Auckland Airport and adjacent areas.

2019 1:02

Zulu Software Introduction

A quick walkthrough of Zulu from the founder. Brief, high quality footage, professional quality audio and filmed in a lovely scene with vibrant lighting.

2018 2:58

d3 Tape® Short Product Stinger

This is a very short, social media stinger video for d3 Tape. Highlighting their strapping tape products for sport players.

2017 0:21

Milo & Sage Product Explainer

A quick visual walkthrough of how Milo & Sage Wine Stylers work and how they so easily wash off. Video needed to be quick and to the point to keep peoples attention when at markets and on social media sites.

2017 0:35

Vegetable Research Excellence Award

Short video for a client who was a finalist for the Asia People’s Choice award for developing a new onion growth station in New Zealand.

2017 6:37

Wedding Video Sample Trailer

A short sample of our wedding video production package - this is a shortened version of your wedding day video which is generally up to an hour long with the full ceremony, speeches and more.

2017 3:53

Kevin Seymour Property Video

A short video promoting one of Kevins Properties.

2015 0:57

Heaven-Scent Promotional Video

Heaven-Scent had Cinemotion produce a professional, quick, informative promotional / informational video about their Wax Melt products.

2012 2:22

Subaru® Outback Internal Video

A short internal video Cinemotion created promoting the benefits of the Subaru® Outback over its competitors.

2012 1:22

Steven Reid Racing Promotional Video

Short video outlining the race night for Steven Reid Racing Stables. Shot on a single night following the horses to the track & home again after their win.

2013 3:30

Kevin Seymour House Auction

Another video for Kevin, highlighting the auction for one of his rural properties in Pukekohe for sale.

2016 9:23

Showjumping Horse Tracking

Tracking competition horses at an event in Hunua.

2016 1:39

Animated YouTube Channel Intro

A custom, fully animated channel intro for a motorbike v-logger on YouTube. Squid designed by the clients friend, we animated it with motion, sound and effects.

2018 0:13